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For preparation of medicines Count Mattei relied upon the Cohobation process of Paracelsus by which Spagiric tinctures of all the plants are extracted. This process is also known as cold fermentation process.

From these spargiric tinctures of 113 plants Count Mattei prepared 60 combinations in 8 groups:


Scrofoloso group

Linfatico grooup

Angioitico group




Canceroso group

Venereo group

All these medicines are prepared in globule form,Besides these medicines, the other six are in liquid form and known as :-


White Electricity.

Blue Electricity.

Green Electricity.

Red Electricity.

Yellow Electricity.

Aqua perlapelle

Our Results speak of themselves.

Electro Homoeopathic medicine are administered as follows :-

In dry globules.

In mixture

Injections (Subcutaneous)





Eye Drops, Ear Drops and Throat Paints.

Electricity can be applied externally. Red and Blue electricities are positive eletricities and Yellow and Green are negative electricities. These electricities are applied on the nerve points of the body, positive electricity on the negative nerve point and negative on the positive nerve point as per chart.

Electro Homoeopathy is quite harmless, unique, natural and scientific medical system, maintaining the utility of Od Force obtained from the vegetable kingdom based upon the principles of application of Law of Polarity, positive and negative relation between the proper remedy and living beings and similarity of medicine's strength with the ratio of organic function.

After prolonged research it is proved that Electro Homoeopathic medicines have maximum curative capacity to regulate the lymph and blood and also keep them purified. It also proved that no cell, no tissue, no organ, could possibly manifest its legitimate function without electrical energy. It is a fundamental principle of Electro Homoeopathy that the manufacture, transmission, utilization and discharge of electrical energy of living cells are responsible for metabolism of the body and also give us a rational explanation for all the phenomenas of life, health, disease and therapeutics.